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Tutoring and Instructional Services:

Reading & Writing (Literature & Comp)

*Rates may vary according to specific course material, test preparation, etc.

**Non-contract service: Agreement is signed, but both parties may separate for any reason, at any time.

***Both online and in-person services are available. Online services are conducted through Zoom.


Academic English Tutoring​

  • In-person, Online/Virtual, or Blended

  • Grades 6-12, College, & Graduate

  • Customized, Personal Growth Plans

  • Goal & Progress Tracking

  • "Beyond the Hour" Assistance - Ask for Help Any Time via Email/Text



  • SAT/PSAT/ACT​​​​​


  • A.P. & GRE Literature

  • STAAR​​

  • Individualized Study Plan/Schedule

  • Guaranteed score improvements for select exams at a fraction of cost

ESL, Intervention, & Misc.

  • Beginner to Advanced English Language Learners/ESL

  • See Below for Talk Hour Details

  • Experienced instruction for dyslexia, ADHD, and academic intervention for special education students

  • Non-students welcome


ESL: What is Talk Hour?


Talk Hour, a spinoff of the Talk Time program we administered at Lone Star College's ESL/ESOL Tutoring Program in the Writing Center, is a conversation-based approach to language learning for non-native speakers of English. While traditionally the program is intended for groups of 3-5 students, results have been consistent with any sized group under 9, including one-on-one. Each individual's native language is irrelevant, and the only rules are: 
         1. Be Respectful
         2. Speak Only English
Of course, this can be quite challenging for students of any age, from beginning to advanced. It is natural to cling to familiarity, especially when forming friendships with other clients/students who might speak the same language! The group facilitator (in this case, myself) is a trained ESL instructor who ensures that the conversations stay generally on topic, and that the two basic rules are followed. The group or the student is solely in charge of choosing each day's (or week's) topic. For the next hour, the group will discuss casually, or "conversationally," the chosen topic, through a series of targeted questioning, open-ended discussion, and the use of several cues and visual aids to strengthen comprehension. It is a fun, enjoyable, often lively discussion with no pressure, no requirement to participate for beginners (just listening is ok!), and the results are proven.

Some of the benefits of Talk Hour include: Real-world application of language learning surrounding topics of interest and topics that will likely be discussed in everyday American conversation; Strengthening of world knowledge; Greater empathy toward peers and other cultures; Relationship skill building and the ability to effectively communicate; Listening skills in addition to speaking and comprehension skills. 

The office location for Next Generation English contains several open conference rooms and can accomodate up to 9 students at a time. All ages, all levels, all cultures are welcome!

Please call 832-509-0858 and simply ask for information about Talk Hour, or leave a message with your phone number, and you will be contacted with details. You may also email


Editorial Services

*Sample edits of up to 1,000 words are usually provided at no cost. This ensures an accurate estimate/quote and demonstrates the  quality of editorial work you should expect from me.

**Rates Vary; Generally $5-$20 per page for editing services or higher for original writing or ghostwriting ; One standard page is always 250 words; 25%-50% minimum deposit req'd w/ contract

***See Editorial Freelancers Association for industry rates, service descriptions, and other industry standards.



The "big picture" edit/review; usually in the form of detailed feedback only such as: re-organizing scenes/chapters, story development, major issues in structure, etc. Improvements in overall effectiveness are suggested. Usually requires full manuscript reading/review



As the name suggests, line editing involves changes made "line by line" to improve sentence clarity, progression of ideas, effective transitions, effective word usage, tone, and sentence/paragraph flow. Line editing brings the words to life.

Proofreading &

Basic Copyediting

Consists of minor or superficial changes & corrections, particularly in areas such as: punctuation, grammar, sentence completion, spelling, capitalization, etc.

Does not include editing of actual content/idea development.

A Note on Editing Services:

Please carefully read the differences between each type of editing, including the EFA's descriptions here. This is particularly important for lengthy non-academic manuscripts. Sometimes these types of edits naturally co-occur; other times they do not. It is imperative to be very upfront, direct, and clear about the type of editing services you need, and that it is also established in the contract you sign. Think carefully about where you are in the writing and editing process, how many drafts you've already self-edited or had reviewed, etc. You will almost always need at least one more editor that reviews your work. Be sure not to request an editing service if you have not fulfilled a previous round of editing in the following order: 1.) Manuscript Review/Developmental Edit 2.) Line/Substantive Edit 3.) Proofreading/Copyediting. These are the minimum rounds of edits that should be completed. Ideally, you should find a different editor for at least one other round, if not two. Remember that the writing and editing process is an investment, takes time, and requires patience. However, when you go about it the right way, it is an investment that will truly pay off! Enjoy the process, and don't ever hesitate to ask questions.

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