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The Next Generation Difference

Innovative Houston English Tutoring + Insider Knowledge From a Certified Teacher.

Welcome and congratulations on taking the first step toward academic improvement in English Language Arts. You've made a wise choice, and a key component of Next Generation is the belief in student choice. In fact, recent studies show that on average, students are 6 times more likely to learn and stay engaged in lessons in which they have a choice in both content and delivery.

Therefore, I offer more than the "one size fits all" tutoring services that are offered by impersonal chain tutoring companies. I provide one-on-one, in-person private tutoring for grades 6-12 as well as college levels in the field of English Language Arts, composition, and literature. I will begin the process by assessing you or your student's learning style (i.e visual, auditory, or kinesthetic) and create lessons according to this preferred style, while also selecting content that appeals to you or the student's unique interests.

Most importantly, however, I use strategies that work with proven, consistent results. All too often, tutors these days rely on the same dated worksheets and tired instructional methods which are already being used ineffectively in classrooms - the same resources that led you or your child to struggle in the first place! That's why I promise to teach a different way...a more effective way.

It's time that we as educators accept and adapt to a new generation of learners. It's time for Next Generation English. 


Meet the Tutor: Josh

It is said that "no significant learning can occur without building a significant relationship." I could not agree more! This is why building rapport and relationships with my students is so essential. So, get to know me a little first, too....


Josh Bicknell

Certified English Teacher; Private Tutor

My qualifications include a Bachelors degree in English with a minor in Creative Writing which I earned from the University of Missouri in 2012. I later obtained my Texas teaching certificate for grades 6-12 English Language Arts from Region IV in Houston, and have been teaching English Language Arts in the secondary classroom for five years. I specialize in STAAR support and intervention, dyslexia, 19th Century American Literature, modernism, and creative writing. Prior to teaching, I worked for two years as a professional writing and ESL tutor at Lone Star College, where I also worked as an advocate and specialist for ESL college students.

Ever since I was a child, I always knew I wanted to be an English teacher. FYI - I come from a family full of talented English teachers and writers. So, what can i say? It's in my blood, I suppose.

Some of my favorite things include: cold brew coffee, new school supplies and office supplies, collecting candles, synth pop music, and documentaries. Oh, and I love to cook! That's my second passion. Now, I just need to get to know you. 

Professional Tutoring Services

What I Provide

You can count on me to fully develop and grow your skills in the fields of reading, writing, or both academic and literary research. From basic grammar and sentence structure to high school composition and test prep, all the way to college level literary analysis, my comprehensive experience guarantees quality improvement in whatever area of English in which you need support. Enjoy true flexibility by choosing in-person tutoring, online instruction, or even a combination of both. For questions about which mode of learning might best fit you or your child, please contact me for a quick and thorough response.

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In-Person Tutoring

Hands-On, Personal, Customized

Sometimes, you simply can't beat the benefits of in-person, private , one-on-one instruction. I will meet with you where you choose, and your rate will not change because of distance. Libraries, coffee shops, cafes, or even a park or your own home: The choice is always yours. Services provided for grades 5-12, college, and adults. For any English Language Arts or ESL area of study.

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Online Tutoring

Digital, Interactive, Flexible

It's 2019. Times are not just changing: tthey have already changed. Enjoy true flexibility with the option of online tutoring. Rates are lower, and times are more flexible. I use the most up-to-date screen sharing, live editing, and webcam programs to ensure that our online sessions are completely effective and still engaging. Book a session and try it out today.


Student Samples

See innovation in action. See why Next Generation English Tutoring was ranked as a Best of 2019 Houston English Tutor on Tutors.com. Check out samples below for real work done by middle school, high school, and college students.


"I found myself at a crossroads my senior year in high school: Recovering credits, still dealing standardized tests, and still with no skills in how to read or write at my grade level. Josh literally saved my academic career though. He knew exactly how to get through to me with a much simpler way of explaining things. He really knew how the school system worked too, and that was a godsend as my graduation date came down to the wire."

Joey Fausek, Pearland ISD

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