Why Next Generation?

With dozens of tutoring centers, mega-centers, and factory-produced editing and writing services scattered throughout the city, why choose private?

Experience + Range of Services

With over ten years of experience in classroom teaching, private tutoring, editing, writing, and publishing, I am pleased to offer private one-on-one tutoring and instructional services for both secondary (6-12) students for English language arts (or college composition/literature) as well as for ESL students and professionals.


I also offer writing and editing services from basic proofreading and copyediting to large scale developmental editing including: academic essays including thesis/dissertation, literary fiction or nonfiction, and poetry. I specialize in line editing, the process of bringing appropriate rhythm and flow to the forefront of a manuscript. Editing clients are guided with a respectful, unobtrusive approach through both the editorial process and beyond. 

1-on-1 Attention

My instructional approach is down-to-earth, simple, and approachable. I place particular emphasis on content relevance, ensuring that lessons are both relatable to students, and when possible, of high interest. Individual, one-on-one attention is highly effective for any level of students, whether through enrichment or intervention.

Location Matters

It's a fact: Where we learn matters, and our environment shapes our learning. A calm, tranquil atmosphere is most conducive to student learning. I conduct tutoring primarily from my office just outside downtown Houston off Washington Ave. I work in a closed but visible private office to ensure both transparency and privacy. The building has two floors of conference rooms and wait areas which I use for tutoring, project planning, and ESL groups (Talk Hour). The building, a restored church and historical landmark, serves as an ideal environment for learning, critical thinking, and reflection. 



For late-nighters, 24/7 building access means you can book a late night session with me at almost any hour, whether rushing to finish a research paper or simply because you study better at 2 a.m.

Prefer Zoom to maximize safety? I offer the same quality instruction virtually. Prefer in-home tutoring? Contingent on your location, this may be offered at no extra cost. For those in need of in-home services outside a given area, cost is affordable and reasonable.


All recommended safety standards are followed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including frequent sanitation of hands and surfaces, single-use or non-shared materials, virtual learning options, mask wearing (optional for many students), and appropriate distance when necessary. 


Josh Bicknell

Certified SBEC Educator, English Language Arts, Grades 7-12

BA, English, Univ. of Missouri- Columbia

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      "I’m getting good advice about things I can do as part of my test preparation, and I’m practicing a lot. Josh is very responsible and committed with his work. He is going beyond my expectations!"

Diara R.,,

Tampa, FL


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